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Serve persecuted Christians in hostile areas and restricted nations

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, On behalf of the board of directors of “Canadian Aid to Persecuted Christians Inc”. CAPC) is officially incorporated as a Canadian Charity given #795406479. For the donations you make, Income tax Deductible Receipt will be provided by Canadian Aid to Persecuted Christians. CAPC, Appeal to donate for COVID-19 Relief and Christmas Hampers Pakistan, to feed the poor and let them know it’s Christmas time. Our local dedicated team of volunteers from the community had visited door to door to find out the challenges these poor residents are facing and assess the need. As our fieldworker visited the homes, it was emotional to find many families without food. Mothers too worried over shortage/of food for their children. Initially, the lists of 300 deserving families from Christian slum areas are made to provide Christmas Hampers and warm clothes for their children.


Our Mission & Vision

Canadian Aid to Persecuted Christians (CAPC) is a non-profit Christian organization that endeavors to bring together Canadians (individuals, private/public/non-profit organizations) to facilitate legal, financial, social assistance, asylum, and resettlement to Christians who face persecution around the world.


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  • I married a Muslim girl who converted to Christianity. My in-laws were searching for us to do an honor killing. My family was accepted as a refugee in Canada. We are very grateful to God for all His blessings upon us. We go to Church without fear and my kids are very happy to go to school in Canada.

    Gill and Sana
  • My country, Eritrea, was fighting with Ethiopia from 1961 – 1991. There was no election process, no civil rights, and anyone could be jailed indefinitely. My family was under attack by our own government. We lived in fear and we travelled hours to reach Khortum Refugee Camp. We are so blessed and grateful to be in Canada, a safe country. We are heartily grateful for the sponsorship.

    Afom & Senait
  • I was accused under blasphemy laws penal code 295-C in Pakistan. The punishment to the blasphemer is a death-sentence. I escaped to Sri Lanka with my four young girls. We were then sponsored to come to Canada. Here my girls go to school without any fear and we actively take part in Church activities.

    Masih & Girls

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