Aleena Three-year-old Christian Girl Raped in School

Aleena Three-year-old Christian Girl Raped in School

Raiwand, Pakistan. Recently the horrific incidents of the rape and murder of minor girls are on the rise and girls from minorities are always an easy prey in this regard; minorities have become “children of lesser God” in Pakistan.

There is a Christian colony known as Kale Da Kot at Sundar Road and three year old Aleena is one of the students of the local school being run by UNICEF: the school is commonly known as a UNICEF School.

According to the case registered in the local police station Chand Masih (son of Ghafoor Masih) and a nephew are students in this local school. On July 25, 2021, his two daughters went to school but came back early at 11.30 a.m. and slept. When they awoke it was noted that Aleena’s trousers were wet, and blood stained. When the father returned from work, his wife informed him about this. When asked what happened, the daughter told him that “uncle has beaten me”. Upon further inquiry the nephew said that a man named Saleem sent them out of school but kept Aleena inside. When she came out of the school, her trousers were wet. This man Saleem had raped a girl who was just three years old!

Her parents took her to the Indus Hospital Raiwand. The victim was later admitted to the Children’s Hospital in Lahore due to her deteriorating condition.

According to Quora News, it was brought to the notice of the provincial minister that this man had raped a minor three-year-old girl in Raiwind Sundar Road Christian Colony and that the police were not taking any action against him.

The Provincial Minister for Human Rights and Minority Affairs Ejaz Alam Augustine took immediate action on this incident of rape of a minor girl in Raiwind and ordered the police to register an FIR. Later, the accused Saleem was also arrested.

The provincial minister directed the police that after all legal proceedings, the accused should be severely punished. He also ordered that the parents of this young child be provided protection and that the best treatment facilities be provided for the victim.

In addition, the Chairperson of the Child Protection Bureau, Sarah Ahmed, said that the incident of the rape of a 3-year-old girl in a government school is very unfortunate and that ultimately the girl will get full justice.

Protection issues of the Victim’s family

Raiwand is a city near Lahore that is famous for Tableeghi Jamat (Preaching group) internationally and it is considered an organization of fundamental hardliners. At a Tableeghi Ijtmaa (Preaching Gathering) almost a million people visit this city and participate annually.

The perpetrator is also said to be a member of this group and the parents of the victim are already being pressured to stop pursuing the case under threat of dire consequences.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, such perpetrators of criminal acts are too often protected by their respective religious groups. Sometimes evil minds can even turn this case into a more serious form and accuse the victim’s family as being blasphemous. Once the accusations of blasphemy are on the table, only God can save them.

At present, the accused is behind bars, but the victim’s family is facing life threats and needs to be protected as soon as possible.

CAPC team has visited the victim’s family and discussed their needs. 

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