14 Years Christian Girl Kidnapped & Converted to Islam

14 Years Christian Girl Kidnapped & Converted to Islam

Abductions, forced conversions, rapes and forced marriages of minor Christian girls are getting common and more and more frequent. In many cities / villages, the powerful Muslim men are kidnapping minor girls and then going to a religious institution to convert her to Islam and then marry them.

According to laws in the different provinces of Pakistan, the marriage of underage girls is forbidden. Girls of 16 to 18 years of age are allowed to be married, but not without their consent.

Chashman d/o Gulzar Masih, a resident of Nadir Shah Town Faisalabad, is 14 years of age and a school student of class 6th. One day she went to school but did not return after school. The parents contacted the police and an abduction report was registered against unknown abductors.

It became known that she was abducted by Muslim men, taken to the local office holder of a fundamental organization “Sunni Tehreek” and converted to Islam. Her Islamic name is Ayesha. She was also then married to a Muslim man. The record of her conversion and marriage certificate was presented to the police.

The aggrieved father demanded that government law and justice ministries, courts and society, look into the matter and return his underage daughter. He lamented the fact that daughters are no longer safe and wondered how long such wickedness and travesty of justice would be tolerated. He threatened to protest at every forum and court, and in front of provincial and federal assemblies, if his daughter is not brought back by August 11, 2021.

14 Years Christian Girl Kidnapped & Converted to Islam

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