Mahik & Tahira 

Tahira is the mother of Mahek, a minor girl 13 year old who was abducted, raped, converted by Shahid Ali but with the day & night struggle of her parents Tahira& Bashir, Mahek was recovered after a few months. she later gave birth to a baby girl named Zarish. She lives with her parents and Zarish is now 12 months old.

Tahira’s is a brave and wise lady. her determination to free her daughter from Shahid Ali has paid a high price.  Shahid Ali murdered Mahek’s real uncle and in July, shot Tahira in both her legs and heel. In August also the CAPC team visited Tahira in the hospital & showed solidarity. Tahira, Bashir, their 4 daughters & Zarish all live  in a one room house with a small open area. The house entrance is a shared broken door and narrow coridor to walk to their part of the house. the electricity was cut due to inability to pay the bills. Tahira is the sole breadwinner of the family. Her husband Bashir is not able to work due to his health. She used to work in a hospital as a sanitary worker but after being hospitalised for over 2 weeks, she is still not able to work. The family is going through very hard times mentaly, financially and physically.  

Tahira said that I am struggling for the medicines and our groceries. I have lifted my daughters from school due to the security because Shahid’s family lives just a couple of lanes away, 

I am afraid that my daughter may be kidnapped. The culprit Shahid Ali is still at large and we feel very insecure living in this house or even in this area. There is no peace for us till he is behind bars but the police are supporting them. But we are determined that we will fight for justice.

Talking to Mahek, she explained that Shahid and his family have done very wrong to me and my family. They even tried to kidnap the baby girl saying that she is a Muslim baby. They killed my paternal uncle who was the witness and also injured my mother. I want justice. Shahid should be behind bars. I am terrified of any further harm to myself, my daughter or any of my family. I direly want to go away to a safer house and area. but now my mom can not earn, we cannot go out of the house and my father has to attend the court & stay around for our safety. life has become very hard.even rearing my daughter is also challenging. Please help us, we want to move away from this house, my mom needs medicine & food to recover quickly. 

Mahek’s sister Chashman wants to peruse her studies and become a commando to deal with culprits like Shahid Ali and save the minor girls & their families from the situation which her family is facing. 

The need accessed by the team & also raised by the family

 – Relocation, renting a house somewhere else where they can be safe and girls can follow their education.

 – cash for medicine & groceries

 – legal assistance

Rubina & Akmal With Tahira family Rubina & Akmal With Tahira family

Tahira was shot on her leg by her Mohammad Shahid Ali

Tahira was shot on her leg by her Mohammad Shahid Ali


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