Life Imprisonment to Death Penalty – Pastor Zafar Bhatti

Islamabad, Pakistan February 3, 2022. This was the day we (Rubina Bhatti, Nadeem Bhatti & Nawab Bibi his wife) visited Zafar in jail. He shared with us that around 9am that
day, a Muslim prisoner named Anwar began to shout and blame him for cursing Muslims.
The policeman on duty intervened and inquired from the other prisoners. The other prisoners informed him that Zafar had not spoken against or cursed the Muslims and that Anwar had made it up. However, the jail administration has not yet taken any action.
This has caused Zafar much anxiety as he is concerned that someone may be trying to put another charge on him. He fears that things could get worse for him if Anwar is not moved to a different cell.
Zafar further shared that the recent overturning of his life imprisonment to the death penalty is a gross injustice towards him. Meanwhile, Zafar is suffering from diabetes, heart problems and frequent headaches. He urges all his brothers & sisters to pray for his safety, health & release. Pastor Zafar Bhatti is at Adyala jail facing blasphemy charges which he has always denied. His case had been referred from Lahore High Court to the lower court in October 2021. On January 3rd, Additional Sessions Judge Sahibzada Naqib Shehzad overturned his prior sentence of life imprisonment and ordered that he be given the death penalty.
In all my meetings with Zafar Bhatti, I have found him to be a committed & faithful man of God. His love for his brothers and sisters in Christ is powerfully strong. Pray for Pastor Zafar Bhatti Pastor Zafar Bhatti was arrested in 2012 for supposedly texting a blasphemous text message. Zafar was charged with blasphemy under 295C penal code in Pakistan.

In May 2017 he was sentenced to life imprisonment. On January 4, 2022, the Supreme Court of Pakistan changed the sentence of life imprisonment to the death penalty. The Appeal for relief of this verdict has been submitted to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Zafar wears a big metal cross around his neck, and he has completed a thorough study of the Bible two times. He prays for people with the anointing of oil and those who visit him can be anointed with this oil for various sicknesses. This even includes a diplomat that visits him from time to time.

On left Nawab Bibi wife of Zafar Bhatti – at her residence in Rawalpindi with Nadeem Bhatti on right

Nawab Bibi is declining in health and strength. She is very regular in her prayers for Zafar.
She misses her husband every single day. She prays to God to intervene and save her husband as he is an innocent and very faithful follower of God. Bibi cooks for Zafar when she visits him once a week and takes him a lunch box. She makes sure she does not miss visiting him. Even in inclement weather she has missed very few visits in the past 10 years.
On left Nawab Bibi wife of Zafar Bhatti – at her residence in Rawalpindi with Nadeem Bhatti on right I visited Nawab Bibi at her house and she showed me her marriage photos as her eyes teared up; she said she worries for Zafar every moment. This concern is not without basis as Zafar has been beaten and attacked several times to try to pressure him to convert to Islam. On March 31 his food was poisoned, and he was in a critical condition for days.
He was reported dead in September of 2014 when a prisoner in an adjacent cell was shot and killed by a security guard who was planning to kill all prison inmates accused of blasphemy but was arrested before he was able to carry out his plans.
Zafar mentioned that he is very happy and encouraged by Rubina’s visits and the food hamper she brings when she visits. Zafar introduces and treats Rubina as his sister in Christ. Zafar said he is very grateful to his friends that are writing letters and sending encouragement though the mail. The police officer came to inform us that the visit time was over. Zafar then prayed with us with the sign of the cross on our foreheads, and asked God for our protection and safety. Our fellowship was not considered with favor by the Muslim prisoners.
Nawab Bibi left the jail premises with tears in her eyes.
Please keep Zafar in your daily prayers.

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    This is an outrageous contradiction of elementary justice that should be referred to some sort of World Court to stop the impunity.

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