The family arrives in a Border City

Peshawar Pakistan. April 18, 2022 A local pastor called me (Nadeem Bhatti) two days ago to share about an Afghan refugee family who had crossed the border, at 10 am local time. In a conference call with Afghan refugee “Adam” (name changed for security purposes). It took them 45 minutes from Turkham border to reach Peshawar city, KPK province.  


Last week “Adam” prayed to God to take him a safe place, as his life was in danger from the new government in Afghanistan.  Adam said that on Sunday April 2nd he had a dream in which a man standing near his bed in pure white clothes and white hair spoke to him encouraging him to leave for Pakistan. HIS people would contact him once he reached there.

Though “Adam” said he did not know anyone in Pakistan, the pastor actually had met Adam during his previous evangelistic trips. Adam told us that for the last two days he has been praying and expecting this call.

Adam is keen to know about Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter. His English is limited.

I encouraged the family to register with UNHCR Peshawar. Apparently the first night they slept in a local park under a tree, but they have now rented a small room. Unaccustomed the 26 degrees C weather, the family can hardly sleep. His wife is expecting a baby girl and is in the last 8 months of her pregnancy. His three-and-a-half-year-old son also is not feeling well.

The Afghan refugees family should register with UNHCR, in Peshawar office. The wife should get doctor’s appointment needs financial assistance for medical needs.

There are 4.3 million Afghan Refugees arrived in Pakistan, since the American’s Evacuated.

The Canadian Government had announced taking 40K Afghan Refugees, so far around 10K had been provide refuge in various provinces and locations.

Canadian Aid to Persecuted Christians (CAPC), advocate to provide refuge to Afghan Refugees that are stranded in Pakistan. They are living in a fear and vulnerable situations. The Afghan refugees live in a small pocket and afraid of raid and arrest by the local authorities.  There is a need of humanitarian aid, food, shelter and medicines etc.



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