Kainat – 11-yr-old Christian girl Abducted & Raped

Peshawar Pakistan, June 17, 2022. Kainat is a teenager who was sent by her mother to the local market to buy some sugar. While on her way she was kidnapped by Maqsood. She was raped and abused for 6 days. On the 7th day city police recovered Kainat from his custody and arrested Maqsood.

Maqsood was newly converted to Islam. He had been living as a Christian man but converted to Islam three days before this incident took place. Maqsood has a criminal background and had recently moved from the city of Faisalabad to Peshawar. While living in Faisalabad he was also involved in criminal activities. Only 3 days after his so-called conversion, he kidnapped Kainat, who is the youngest among 7 siblings. Her father’s name is Waris Masih and mother’s name is Razia Bibi.

After Kainat was recovered, she was in fear and did not disclose what had happened to her, saying that she was 18 years old. The court sent her to Dar-UL-Aman, a Muslim shelter house. Kainat’s family urged and petitioned to be able to meet her, but the authorities did not allow her parents to visit her in the shelter house.
To save himself, Masood claimed that Kainat was 18 years of age, but the parents have evidence of Kainat’s school certificate, and birth records show that she was born in 2011.
After a struggle the parents were finally allowed to meet their daughter in the shelter house, where she revealed the story to her family. She also shared everything before the court about how she was kidnapped, raped, and misused. Police have now arrested the culprit Maqsood and a legal case has been registered against him.
Kainat’s mother is desperate to get Kainat back home as the shelter house is not a safe place for girls who identify as Christian. Those in the shelter house try to brain-wash the Christian girls and put intense pressure on them to convert to Islam.
Kainat’s parents request legal aid to get their daughter back to her family.

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