Canadian Aid To Persecuted Christians

Canadian Aid to Persecuted Christians

Who We Are

CAPC is a non-profit organization dedicates to facilitate legal assistance to the Christians who are imprisoned unlawfully. CAPC also provide financial aid to persecuted Christians to overcome laws that are used to persecute these Christians for independent living and promoting their faith.


We intend to release them, provide shelter and legal cost to present their innocence, and after release settle them in their own country of origin, otherwise in some severe cases like Asia Bibi, Rimsha, Gul Sher and Anwar Masih, move them to safe neighboring country and sponsor them as an Asylum seeker or Refugee to Canada.


CAPC works to assist those grassroots Christians who are challenged on the front lines because of their faith. By drawing attention to this crisis we hope that Islamic leaders may be more responsive to the request by world leaders to respect the rights and faiths of all their citizens.


What We Do


We provide financial aid to persecuted Christians so that they can obtain legal assistance for their release from imprisonment. We also work to provide financial aid to allow persecuted Christians to obtain independence in their home region; and/or secure passage to live in safety and freedom. If required, we provide sponsorship for persecuted Christians for resettlement in Canada.


Charitable Number with CRA


Canadian Aid to Persecuted Christians
PO Box 38086 Preston Crossing
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada S7N 1H2

Our Mission

Canadian Aid to Persecuted Christians (CAPC) is a non-profit Christian organization that endeavors to bring together Canadians (individuals, private/public/non-profit organizations) to facilitate legal, financial, social assistance, asylum, and resettlement to Christians who face persecution around the world.

Our Vision

CAPC’s vision is for Christians around the globe that are threatened, displaced, prisoned, and persecuted to find hope and justice. We seek to provide legal, financial, and social assistance for those who are otherwise prevented from typical means of support due to their religious affiliation. In severe cases, CAPC will assist in seeking asylum, and sponsor resettlement to Canada.

Core Values

All people have intrinsic value and are all equally deserving of dignity, honour, justice and freedom of association and faith.


Canadian Aid to Persecuted Christians (CAPC) was born out of the personal struggle and experience of its’ founding member, Nadeem Bhatti. Who started his struggle in the late 1980s, to legally fight against the unjust laws and release of Christian individuals who were arrested and detained on false accusation of blasphemy penal code 295-C in Pakistan.

The blasphemy laws, for example, were being used to justify the oppression of the Christian minority by threatening defamation, imprisonment, death sentences, money penalty and the acquisition of properties. He became a voice for Christians who were unlawfully imprisoned and torched to death in police custody or in assassinated during court hearings. Eventually, he sought refuge in Canada to escape the persecution.

Since 2009, he has continued to voice awareness of the injustices being experienced by Christians in countries that restrict religious liberties. He has advocated for both well-known asylum seekers as well as many who never see their situations reach international media coverage. He has co-sponsored a number of Christian refugees from varied ethnic backgrounds and countries who chose to make Canada their home.

Canadian Aid to Persecuted Christians (CAPC) was officially incorporated by Canada Revenue Agency, as a not-for-profit organization in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in September 2020. CAPC’s board members currently are all from the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta.

(Mt 5:10 – Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.)

How can you help

Invite us to speak to your church congregations to educate the public of the plight of persecuted Christians.


Organize a fundraising supper or event in your community to raise funds for CAPC.


Donate to CAPC, so we can facilitate legal counsel and provide as required safe ways to the Persecuted Christians.


CAPC Brochure January 24, 2021

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