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On behalf of the board of directors of “Canadian Aid to Persecuted Christians Inc”. CAPC) is officially incorporated as a Canadian Charity given #795406479. For the donations you make, Income tax Deductible Receipt will be provided by Canadian Aid to Persecuted Christians. 

CAPC, Appeal to donate for COVID-19 Relief and Christmas Hampers Pakistan, to feed the poor and let them know it’s Christmas time. Our local dedicated team of volunteers from the community had visited door to door to find out the challenges these poor residents are facing and assess the need. As our fieldworker visited the homes, it was emotional to find many families without food. Mothers too worried over shortage/of food for their children. Initially, the lists of 300 deserving families from Christian slum areas are made to provide Christmas Hampers and warm clothes for their children.  

Immediate Needs Assessed 

•         Awareness-raising at a mass scale 

•         COVID-19 kits (hand sanitizers, masks, soaps, Dettol, wipes)

•         Medicine Supply

•         Warm clothes and shoes for small children (Jacket, socks, cap and shoes)        

•         Christmas Food ration support to families living in extreme poverty  Pictorial view of few families during a visit 

COVID-19 Background in PakistanThe deadly and highly contagious virus rapidly spread in China, Italy and Iran and have claimed thousands of lives so far.  On 25th February 2020, 6810 Pakistani pilgrims arriving from Iran carried it home. Unfortunately, the lack of preparedness and the seriousness of the people to deal with it multiplied the infected cases within no time. In May, the government eased virus restrictions and reopened businesses which had been closed since March, and most people did not follow the health guidelines. Large gatherings — both religious and political — resumed in July, with most people believing the pandemic was over. Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic Acute economic disruption carried huge risks for the poor households whose livelihoods are already jeopardized. Most of the families couldn’t even afford to follow the basic SOPs of social distancing, sanitizing, mask-wearing and nutritious food to strengthen their immune system. With very little or no sustenance at all, many families went hungry with no food or medical assistance if needed. 

Unfortunately, denials of ration to the religious minorities in different areas were also reported.

Need Assessment Pakistan faces a sharply rising second wave of COVID-19 infections, as the nation’s daily tally of new cases, has this week topped 2,500 for the first time in four months. The health professionals are demanding stringent lockdown to contain the virus spread before it overwhelms us. However, strict lockdown in a country where about one-quarter of its population earns only 300 rupees (roughly $2.50) per day is challenging. Therefore, although precautionary yet disastrous for millions, hit hard the poor daily wagers. Most of the Christians are poor, living in slums. The daily wagers, domestic workers and poor families are striving hard for livelihood to get back to pre-COVID-19 normal life. The pandemic has increased unemployment by 5.1 percent and peaked inflation rate by 10.25 percent. The food prices have soared dramatically during this year, fuelling concerns over the rapidly rising cost of living. So the poor are getting poorer. With Christmas around the corner and winter in non-heated houses, making ends meet is a big challenge for already poor, pushed into poorer. 

FOOD DISTRIBUTION FIRST PHASE Last February, CAPC, the board had provided food relief to the marginalized and downtrodden Christian in two communities in Pakistan. Here is a new link from our previous food aid distribution.

TESTIMONIAL:  distribution of the food aid doubled our joy; the low-income families got food for optimal survival in a critical time and it made their Easter joyous. They didn’t sleep hungry on this special feast. The beneficiary families were overjoyed and grateful to receive the ration. One mother was into tears of joy for having food to offer to her children on Easter.  

Second Wave of COVID 19 in Pakistan: After more than 70 days of the national COVID-19 positivity ratio, Pakistan reported over 1,000 coronavirus cases on 30th October for the first time since July. Pakistan is facing a second coronavirus wave, with authorities urging the public to follow health guidelines. But both the government and people are still not taking the pandemic seriously. Health experts say the country is in the grip of a second coronavirus wave, which could prove to be more lethal than the first wave.  Smart lockdowns are being practiced in virus hotspots. Just after one month of schools resumed, the government is considering closing schools and universities calling for early winter vacations. Health experts believe the government needs to impose a fresh lockdown to deal with the second coronavirus wave in the country. So far, PM Khan has ruled out the lockdown possibility. 

Current Confirmed Cases and Deaths in Pakistan (20th November 2020)

CountryTotal CasesNew CasesNew DeathsTotal RecoveredActive CasesSerious/CriticalTotal Cases/ 1 M popTotal Deaths/ 1 M popTotal Tests/1M pop

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